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I am going to write this post only in English because I think it is not necessary to introduce Prague to the Czech readers. I live in this beautiful city for 5 years. I moved there because of my studies. Anyway the journey to my hometown lasts only about one and half hour by car and by train it is even faster.

According to a legend, Prague was set up in 8th century by a princess Libuše and her husband Přemysl. Which means Prague is a historical city full of hisoric buildings and churches and I find this city quite romantic.
The Czech Republic is very small country as well as its capital Prague. It is not necessary to use underground or any public transport in case you enjoy walking. I may compare it with Rome - we also walked everywhere and we used underground only once on our way to Vatican. Nevertheless Prague has very frequent transportation network and even at night you reach every part of the city that is not a commonplace all around the world. Plus it is very cheap in comparison with other European cities. Daily ticket costs 3 euro and one way ticket costs only 1 euro!


The Royal route is a route through the historical centre of Prague. The name comes from the fact that the Czech kings were going through this places on the way to the castle for their crowning. If you decide to go this way, you cannot miss any important Prague highlight - the Old Town square with its famous astrological clock, Charles bridge that was build in 14th century and the final stop - Prague castle, president's seat with its beautiful garden I have discovered only few weeks ago and from which was taken the photo above. In fact the Royal route is my favorite route for a walk.

Old town square - Tower, Astrological clock, Church Tynskych

Charles bridge and the Prague castle in the background
Source of the Royal route map:
1. Powder Tower 2. Municipal House 3. House of the Black Madonna 4. Old Town square 5. Churche Tynskych 6. Old Town Hall 7. Astronomical Clock 8. Jan Hus monument 9. Karlova street 10. Charles bridge 11. Lesser Quarter square 12. St. Nicholas church 13. Nerudova street 14. Prague castle


Petřín tower also belongs to one of my most favorite place in Prague. It is located at the Petřín hill that is 327 m high hill in Prague center. You can walk up the hill or use the cableway that costs only about 1 euro (or if you already have a public transport ticket, the cableway is for free). At the top of the hill you will find the 65,5 meter high dominant of Prague - the Petřín lookout tower. It was build in 1891 and it is a copy of famous Eiffel tower in Paris. During the Hitler's occupation it should be demolished as he did not like the view on it from the Prague castle (sucker). Luckily it did not happen, Prague still has its tower and it is also very popular place for lovers. During the 1st May it is the most crowded place in Prague.

Petřín tower


There are so many parks in Prague. I am rather a city girl as I already mentioned in my Wish list post (No. 1 is New York), but my boyfriend prefers park walking. We visit Divoká Šárka the most, because it is the closest park to our home. It is quite far from the city centre (about 15 minutes by underground and than 20 minutes by tram), but if you are waiting for your flight, Divoká Šárka is a great choice - it is located near the airport and you can also watch the landing and taking of planes from there which is pretty cool.
The park you can reach from the centre is Letná. If you see like milion steps near the Vltava river do not hesitate and start climbing. At the top of them extends the Letná park, again with the amazing view and some outside restaurants selling beer and sausages. 
The last park we visit sometimes is Stromovka. Also not far away from the centre and I recommend this place for picknick. In Stromovka is an extensive grassy space with some pound/pool/small lake/whatever. 


This part is quite tricky. Firsty I have to say that I am a student so I recommend rather a low cost tips except for few more luxurious.
Restaurants are in Prague literally everywhere. Czechs are a beer nation (beer is usually the cheapest drink in a restaurant) so don't be worry not to find any place to eat and drink. Good places for hamburger are The Tavern or Fastys. I prefer the interior in Tavern, but on the other hand the burgers are in my opinion better in Fastys. Excellent sushi is served in Sakura that is located near the Wenceslas square, but the cheapest one and also tasty one is at the Charles square. I do not know the name (I guess they don't havy any) but look for the remote shabby chinese restaurant, pluck up the courage and walk in. You will be nicely surprised. But the best experience with the asian cuisine is absolutely Sasazu! I was there with my work team and it was the best asian food I have ever eaten! If you are around the Wenceslas square do not miss the Modrý Zub and order Phad Sam Sean. I love it! For the Czech cuisine you can try Kulaťák restaurant, they serve excellent duck with dumpling. Or U Džbánu. I love its atmosphere as there is a fireplace and furs hanged on the walls. A special place for me is Cafe Imperial. It is quite expensive, but you will not regret. This restaurant is owned by Zdeněk Pohlreich, famous Czech chef. He has a TV show inspired by Gordon Ramsey - British TV star and his restaurant is very popular. I visited it for a three times and the meal was always excelent! Try their mashed potatoes and hunger steak, you will be thrilled!Maybe it will sound funny, but do not miss to visit the toilets, it is so beautiful inside! (at least ladies one. My boyfriend told my that men's were quite normal)

The Tavern



Prague also offers many of culture activities. I can recommend the National theater and its ballet. I have already seen three performances - Swan lake, Sleaping beuty and Cinderella. All of them were amazing! And in December I am going to the Nutcracker with my mum. Cannot wait! Everytime you can also visit some of the exposition either permanent or temporary one. From the temporary ones I have visited Blanka Matragi, famous clothes designer exposition, World Press Photo (that takes place every year), Not only woman by Michele Comte or Controversies (a legal and ethical history of photography). From the permanent one I like the Wax museum. This year the Wax museum hosted a Madame Tussauds exposition and I have to admit the Tussauds figures were much better than Czech ones. Anyway Prague is full of museums. For example - National museum, Museum of decorative arts, National technical museum and many many others.

Controversies exposition

Madam Tussauds exposition in Wax museum
Blanka Matragi exposition

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  1. I loved Prague when I visited, it's so romantic and the food was amazing!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. I am happy you like Prague, it really is a beautiful city :)

  2. Hi, I like your post very much, the texts are informative and the photos great.
    It is great you even added maps and tips.

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    1. Hi,I am so happy you found this post interesting and even share it!Thank you very much! :)

  3. Prague was such an amazing experience! We found a nice hotel that was right in the middle of the city (search for ), so all the importanttourist targets were within walking distance. Stayed there for 6 days.